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Miss FannieAfter hearing me sing the song "Miss Fannie", A lot of people asked "Is Miss Fannie a real person?" Let me assure you she was as real as they come.

I remember a good piece of advice someone once told me "If you want to help yourself, help somebody else". Well, one morning I did just that. I called the Senior Center here in Nashville,TN and asked if I could Volunteer for their Meals On Wheels program. They were very receptive and suggested I come on by.

When I got there, they loaded me up with seven meals and a map and off I went. The last house I came to, I stood on the porch of this old small house and when the old (and I mean old) woman came to the door, I nearly fell off the porch. There before me was 105 year old Miss. Fannie. With warmth and love she invited me in and the beginning of a special friendship began.

Fannie devoted her entire life to helping others. The song "Miss. Fannie" is about the very first day I met Fannie. I hope anyone who appreciates my music will appreciate the soul and spriit of Fannie.

I would like to ask you a favor that if you listen to the song "Miss Fanny" would you please sign my guest book and let me know you were here?  Thanks.

When you are feeling blue or looking for something really special to do, look into Meals On Wheels. Sign up in your local community for Once a week, a month, what ever you can. Give a little, get a lot. Take your kids. It's a great way to teach them about giving.

Fannie Passed away on October 18th, 2000 just shy of her 108th birthday. I feel I am a much better person for having Miss Fannie as a friend.

Jon Michaels


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